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Your computer enables you to use a variety of audio features:

Play music using your computer speakers and/or connected external speakers

Record sound using the internal microphone or connect an external microphone

Download music from the Internet

Create multimedia presentations using audio and images

Transmit sound and images with instant messaging programs

Stream radio programs (select models only) or receive FM radio signals

Create, or “burn,” audio CDs (select models only)

Connecting external audio devices


To reduce the risk of personal injury, adjust the volume before putting on headphones,

earbuds, or a headset. For additional safety information, refer to the Regulatory, Safety and
Environmental Notices

To connect external devices such as external speakers, headphones, or a microphone, refer to the
information provided with the device. For best results, remember the following tips:

Be sure that the device cable is securely connected to the correct jack on your computer. (Cable
connectors are normally color-coded to match the corresponding jacks on the computer.)

Be sure to install any drivers required by the external device.


A driver is a required program that acts like a translator between the device and the

programs that use the device.

Checking your audio functions

To check the system sound on your computer, follow these steps:


Select Start > Control Panel.


Select Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices > Sounds and Audio Devices.


When the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties window opens, click the Sounds tab. Under
Program events, select any sound event, such as a beep or alarm, and then click the right
arrow icon next to the listed sound.

You should hear sound through the speakers or through connected headphones.

To check the record functions of the computer, follow these steps:


Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.


Click Record and speak into the microphone. Save the file to your desktop.


Open Windows Media Player and play back the sound.


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