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Using HP QuickWeb

QuickWeb is an instant-on environment that is separate from your Windows operating system.
QuickWeb allows you to rapidly access a Web browser without the need to start Windows. For
information about setting up and using QuickWeb, refer to the QuickWeb software Help.

Using the embedded numeric keypad

Using the embedded numeric keypad

The 15 keys of the embedded numeric keypad can be used like the keys on an external keypad.
When the embedded numeric keypad is turned on, each key on the keypad performs the function
indicated by the icon in the upper-right corner of the key.

Enabling and disabling the embedded numeric keypad


fn+num lk

 to enable the embedded numeric keypad. Press 

fn+num lk

 again to return the keys

to their standard keyboard functions.


The embedded numeric keypad will not function while an external keyboard or numeric

keypad is connected to the computer.

Switching key functions on the embedded numeric keypad

You can temporarily alternate the functions of keys on the embedded numeric keypad between their
standard keyboard functions and their keypad functions by using the 


 key or the 




To change the function of a keypad key to keypad functions while the keypad is off, press and
hold the 


 key while pressing the keypad key.

To use the keypad keys temporarily as standard keys while the keypad is on:

Press and hold the 


 key to type in lowercase.

Press and hold 


 to type in uppercase.

Using an optional external numeric keypad

Keys on most external numeric keypads function differently according to whether num lock is on or
off. (Num lock is turned off at the factory.) For example:

When num lock is on, most keypad keys type numbers.

When num lock is off, most keypad keys function like the arrow, page up, or page down keys.

When num lock on an external keypad is turned on, the num lock light on the computer is turned on.
When num lock on an external keypad is turned off, the num lock light on the computer is turned off.

To turn num lock on or off on an external keypad as you work:

Press the 

num lk

 key on the external keypad, not on the computer.


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