Holding the pen Laptop elitebook HP Планшетный ПК HP EliteBook 2740p

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Using the pen

You can write with the pen in pen-specific programs such as the Tablet PC Input Panel, in all
Microsoft Office applications, and in most other Windows programs and utilities. The information you
write on the screen with the pen can be filed, searched, and shared among most Windows programs.

Identifying the pen components

The pen interacts with the tablet PC whenever the tip (1) or eraser (3) of the pen is approximately
1.27 cm (0.5 inch) from the screen. The pen button (2) emulates the functions of the right button on
an external mouse.

Holding the pen

Hold the pen as if you were writing with a standard pen or pencil. Position the pen in your hand so
that you will not accidentally press the pen button.

As you monitor the movements of the pen, focus on the pointer, not on the tip of the pen.

Using the pen