Front components Laptop elitebook HP Планшетный ПК HP EliteBook 2740p

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Front components




Webcam light 

On: The webcam is in use.


External WWAN antenna button

Opens the external wireless wide area network (WWAN)


External WWAN antenna 

Sends and receives wireless signals to communicate with


Power switch

When the computer is off, slide the switch to the right to turn
on the computer.

When the computer is on, slide the switch to the right to
shut down the computer.

When the computer is in Standby, slide the switch to the
right briefly to exit Standby.

When the computer is in Hibernation, slide the switch to the
right briefly to exit Hibernation.

If the computer has stopped responding and Windows shutdown
procedures are ineffective, slide the switch to the right and hold
for at least 5 seconds to turn off the computer.

To learn more about your power settings, select Start > Control
 > System and Maintenance > Power Options.


Speakers (2) 

Produce sound.


Business card slot 

Holds a business card in position so that the webcam can
capture an image.


Display release latch

Opens the computer.


Bluetooth® compartment

Contains an optional Bluetooth device.


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