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16 Management and printing

Using Client Management Solutions

Client Management Solutions software provides standards-based solutions for managing client (user)
desktop, workstation, notebook, and tablet computers in a networked environment.

Client management includes the following key capabilities and features:

Initial software image deployment

Remote system software installation

Software management and updates

ROM updates

Tracking and security of computer assets (the hardware and software installed on the computer)

Fault notification and recovery of certain system software and hardware components


Support for specific features described in this section may vary, depending on computer

model and/or version of management software installed on the computer.

Configuring and deploying a software image

The computer is shipped with a preinstalled system software image. The initial software image is
configured during the first-time setup of the computer. After a brief software "unbundling" occurs, the
computer is ready to be used.

A customized software image can be deployed (distributed) in one of the following ways:

Installing additional software applications after unbundling the preinstalled software image

Using software deployment tools, such as Altiris Deployment Solutions, to replace the
preinstalled software with a customized software image

Using a disk-cloning process to copy the contents from one hard drive to another

The deployment method you use depends on your organization's technology environment and


The Computer Setup utility and other system features provide further assistance with

configuration management and troubleshooting, power management, and the recovery of system

Using Client Management Solutions 151