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Cannot connect to a preferred network

Windows can automatically repair a corrupted WLAN connection:

If there is a network status icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, right-click
the icon, and then click Diagnose and repair from the menu.

Windows resets your network device and attempts to reconnect to one of the preferred

If an “x” is superimposed over the network status icon, one or more of your WLAN or LAN
drivers are installed but the computer is not connected.

If there is no network status icon in the notification area, follow these steps:


Click Start and type network and sharing in the Start Search box.


From the list of search results, click Network and Sharing Center.


In the left pane, click Diagnose and repair.

The Network connections window is displayed, and Windows resets your network device
and attempts to reconnect to one of the preferred networks.

Network status icon is not displayed

If the network status icon is not displayed in the notification area after you configure the WLAN, the
software driver is either missing or corrupted. A Windows “Device not Found” error message may
also be displayed. The driver must be reinstalled.

To get the latest version of the WLAN device software for your computer, follow these steps:


Open your Internet browser and go to



Select your country or region.


Click the option for software and driver downloads, and then type your computer model number
in the search box.




, and then follow the on-screen instructions.


 If the WLAN device you are using was purchased separately, consult the manufacturer's

Web site for the latest software.

Current network security codes are unavailable

If you are prompted for a network key or an SSID when connecting to a WLAN, the network is
protected by security. You must have the current codes to make a connection on a secure network.
The SSID and network key are alphanumeric codes that you enter into your computer to identify your
computer to the network.

For a network connected to your personal wireless router, review the router user guide for
instructions on setting up the same codes on both the router and the WLAN device.

For a private network, such as a network in an office or at a public Internet chat room, contact
the network administrator to obtain the codes, and then enter the codes when prompted to do

Troubleshooting wireless connection problems