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To add a logon to a category:


Place your mouse pointer over the desired logon.


Press and hold the left mouse button.


Drag the logon into the list of categories. Categories will be highlighted as you move your mouse
over them.


Release the mouse button when the desired category is highlighted.

Your logons are not moved to the category, but only copied to the selected category. You can add the
same logon to more than one category, and you can display all of your logons by clicking All.

Managing your logons

Password Manager makes it easy to manage our logon information for user names, passwords, and
multiple logon accounts, from one central location.

Your logons are listed on the Manage tab. If multiple logons have been created for the same website,
each logon is then listed under the Web site name and indented in the logon list.

To manage your logons:

From the Security Manager dashboard, click Password Manager, and then click the Manage tab.

Add a logon—Click Add Logon and follow the on-screen instructions.

Edit a logon—Click a logon, click Edit, and then change the logon data.

Delete a logon—Click a logon, and then click Delete.

To add an additional logon for a website or program:


Open the logon screen for the Web site or program.


Click the Password manager icon to display its shortcut menu.


Click Add additional logon, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Assessing your password strength

Using strong passwords for logon to your Web sites and programs is an important aspect of protecting
your identity.

Password Manager makes monitoring and improving your security easy with instant and automated
analysis of the strength of each of the passwords used to log on to your Web sites and programs.

Password Manager icon settings

Password Manager attempts to identify logon screens for Web sites and programs. When it detects a
logon screen for which you have not created a logon, Password Manager prompts you to add a logon
for the screen by displaying the Password Manager icon with a "+" sign.


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