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Security cable slot

Attaches an optional security cable to the computer.


The security cable is designed to act as a deterrent, but it 

may not prevent the computer from being mishandled or stolen.


Power connector

Connects an AC adapter.


AC adapter light

White: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is 

Amber: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is 

Off: The computer is using battery power.


SIM slot (select models only)

Supports a wireless subscriber identity module (SIM).


Memory card reader

Reads optional memory cards that store, manage, share, or 
access information.

To insert a card:

Hold the card label-side up, with connectors facing the slot, 
insert the card into the slot, and then push in on the card 
until it is firmly seated.

To remove a card:

Press in on the card it until it pops out.


Chapter 2   External component identification