CE Marking Gaming series Asus ROG GL752VW

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Declaration of Conformity (R&TTE directive 


The following items were completed and are considered relevant and sufficient:

Essential requirements as in [Article 3]

Protection requirements for health and safety as in [Article 3.1a]

Testing for electric safety according to [EN 60950]

Protection requirements for electromagnetic compatibility in [Article 3.1b]

Testing for electromagnetic compatibility in [EN 301 489-1] & [EN 301


Effective use of the radio spectrum as in [Article 3.2]

Radio test suites according to [EN 300 328-2]

CE Marking

CE marking for devices without wireless LAN/Bluetooth

The shipped version of this device complies with the requirements of the EEC 

directives 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic compatibility” and 2006/95/EC “Low 

voltage directive”.

CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/Bluetooth

This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC of the 

European Parliament and Commission from 9 March, 1999 governing Radio and 

Telecommunications Equipment and mutual recognition of conformity.