Automatic update Chromebook r 11 Acer C738T

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4. You’ll be taken to the Chrome Web Store, where you can find extra 

resources for the Chrome browser.

5. Once you find a theme that you’d like to try out, select it and then 


Setting up a printer

You can use the Google Cloud Print service to send print requests to 
many types of traditional cabled printer and wireless "cloud ready" 
printers; however, not all printers are supported.
To learn more about Google Cloud Print and how to set up your 
printer, reference Google’s own Chromebook Help to find 
comprehensive information on this topic. To access Chromebook 
Help, do the following:
1. Press the Search key 

 on your keyboard.


2. Select All Apps (or type "Get Help").


3. Select the Get Help 


4. Select Printing.

Updating Chrome OS

Automatic update

Each time you turn on your Chromebook, it automatically checks for 
updates. When an update is available, this update icon   will appear 
in the status area. To apply the update:
1. Select the Status area of the shelf in the lower-right corner of the 

screen (where your account picture appears).

2. Select Restart to update.
3. Your Chromebook will shutdown and automatically restart, with the 

update applied.