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Acer Arcade Deluxe

Note: This feature is only available on certain models.

Acer Arcade Deluxe is an integrated player for music, photos, DVD movies and 
videos. Use the MediaConsole, touchpad or arrow keys to select the media type 
you wish to enjoy.

Cinema — watch DVDs, VCDs or Blu-Ray movies, and video clips

Homemedia — connect to other devices wirelessly to share media content

Advanced — change settings, update your Arcade software, view the help 

file and About information

Albums — view photos stored on your hard disk or removable media

Music — listen to music files in a variety of formats

Online Media — browse online content from YouTube and Flickr

Note: While watching videos, optical discs or slideshows, your 
screensaver and power-saving features are unavailable.

Note: For more detailed information on the features of Acer 
Arcade, please refer to the Arcade Help menu. This can be 
accessed from the Arcade home page by selecting Help.